The Throne:

Israel had waited so long for the coming Messiah who would ascend to the “Throne of David”. They looked to the prophets, they lamented through exile and occupation. The great king they were waiting for finally showed up, however instead of a great throne, he first sat upon a manger. There were no royal robes, no grand coronation, instead he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and worshipped by lowly shepherds. He did attract great crowds, subjects who came to sit at his feet. In another twist of the status quo however it was the king who knelt to wash the feet of his followers. These acts and others like them made people reject the king in their midst. Their rejection was so filed with hatred that they sought his death. Little did they know that in the act of executing the assumed imposter, they were in fact enthroning the King of Kings. He was wrapped in royal robes and given a crown by his Roman tormentors. He was led in a grand processional through the royal city in front of his subjects. Upon reaching his destination he was given a throne, one befitting of the king who washes his subjects feet. He was lifted high on that throne which bore the inscription, “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”. Even more unique than the manger that served as his first throne, this new throne was a cross. The people who put him there never intended it to be a throne but God had other plans. This was to be the greatest symbol of authority to ever exist. Not a golden chair, a crown, a scepter, but a wooden cross. It has become the symbol for all who place their faith in Jesus. It is truly a representation of the power and authority of our great king. He is ruler of all, including sin and death. Through the act of his sacrificial enthronement, he laid claim to power over those two greatest of foes. His enemies sought to embarrass and erase him, they failed. Now the cross is the thing we preach as Paul instructed us to. It is still a stumbling block for the world but for us it is the greatest sign of love imaginable. When we see the cross, we should think of many things, one should be- “Our king did THAT for us!”